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Wreckin Reds

As you can tell by the pic, the RedFish bite is Rite!  This week on FlatsMafia Radio Capt. Bub and Capt. Glenn go over there week in fishing.  They go over some tactics on inshore and offshore.  They also go over the Punta Gorda FlatsMasters Tournament that had some crazy weights for this time of year.  Call ins from Nick Drangle, Jonathan Ascensao, and Dylan Hubbard.  Fishing is great and as always we try to bring you entertainment not just fish talk.  Im sure we hit that mark again.  Thanks for tuning in and see ya next week.

TightLines and 2Fangers

FlatsMafia Radio

St.Patty’s Hangover

This week we highlight tips for bait in Tampa Bay after a cold front. Bubba finally gets his brand new Blazer Bay from Waylen Bay Marine Clearwater.  There are plenty of Trout and Redfish around, slot Snook are out there as well.  Bub goes over a tough encounter at the boat ramp with a Poacher.  We also discuss the new law with the AmberJack closing with Dylan Hubbard.  Here it is enjoy!



“March Madness” Snook Etiquette

This week we officially welcome Paige Coffey AKA "P-Unit" to our permanent FlatsMafia Radio crew. We go over some Snook Etiquette, giving our opinions on how many to keep during the season.  We also go over our thoughts on the current Snook population.  Paige tells you guys some tips on how to get females on your boat.  Capt. Glenn was on vacation this week, but we still rip him to shreds.  Another great Safety tips of the week from 'PapaTico' which is brought to you by Seminole Heights General Store. FlatsMafia is not on radio just to talk fishing, we are simply here to entertain you.  Hopefully we hit the mark. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more FREE give aways.


Thanks for listening and as always

Tightlines and 2Fangers.

“Snook Season” Tips of the trade

Well it is finally here "Snook Season".  Fish are already in their springtime patterns, so target them as such.  Though this last week was a very windy start to the season, there are still times to taget these fish.  James and Bubba like to target them at night , while Capt. Glenn likes to get his beauty sleep.  We discuss some tactics on night fishing and fishing the dock light.  

We also gave away a Rod and Reel combo, Thanks to our sponsor Seminole Heights General Store.  We will be giving away a "Go Puck" this week on Facebook so stay tuned to FlatsMafia's FB Page.

Tightlines and 2Fangers

“Fishing is on Fire”

This week on"FlatsMafia Radio" we came Live to you from Seminole Heights General Store.  Seminole Heights Store was kind enough to host us and they also gave away 4 Penn Rod and Reel combos to some people who came out in support.  

We talked about the absolute "ON FIRE" Redfish bite that is going on right now.  The guys went over how they targeted and caught the reds.  We also had a Live stop in from Justin Lofaro from Waylen Bay Marine Clearwater discussing the NEW boat line that they are carrying in our area "BLAZER BAY" Boats.  They have them in stock and ready to demo.  

Special thanks to Seminole Heights General Store for being our gracious hosts.  It's an awesome store, a one stop shop.  They have everything from shiners to shrimp and $1.00 10lb bags of ice.  We highly advise you to stop in and check em out on the corner of Hillsborough and Florida, make sure you tell em FlatsMafia sent you!

Tightlines and 2Fangers.

“Reel BBQ” stops in and FlatsMafia discuss how the RedFish are everywhere!

This last week we had another great show with "Reel BBQ"  stopping in and bringing us some food.  (It was chainless).  We also go over how the redfish in Tampa are chewing everywhere.  James and Glenn fished 2 different areas and wore the reds out.  Fish are eating cut bait, caught with the best fisherman on the boat"Rod-Knee" or AKA (The Rod Holder).  Cut up some pins or threadfins or greenies chum the water... bait up, stick it in Rod-Knee and sit back and wait for the rod to bend.  It can at times be very boring but once it goes off its worth it.  There are also some snook and trout around if thats your target.  Snook are near structure, look for the rocks near bridges and trout are still in the grass flats in Georgetown and Rocky Point.  Next week we will be LIVE at Seminole Heights General Store on Hillsborough and Florida.  Stop by and see us.. we might just have some giveaways!  Tightlines and 2Fangers.

“Coast Guard” Drug Busts and Fishing Tips

This week on FlatsMafia Radio we have our Coast Guard Rep Alejandro "Papatico" Diaz Live in studio with some awesome stories about drug busts from the USCG.  We also go over some of Capt. Glenn's horrible tips for catching RedFish.  Well I shouldn't say they are horrible because they are effective, we just don't suggest that everyone do them.  I (James Garrison) call in during the last segment and give Glenn a hard time about his tips for fishing, as always.  One of our best show so far, as always thanks for tuning into FlatsMafia Radio.... See ya next week Sunday Mornings from 8-9am on station 103.1fm and money talk 1010am.  2 Fangers!

“Gasparilla Hangover”

"Gasparilla Hangover" This weeks show is the day after Gasparilla, Yes we're feeling it a little bit.  The weather has been super windy all last week, so Bub had to cancel trips.  Glenn still managed to go out a couple times and be productive with snook and trout.  James aslo got out just before the front arrived and is still finding snook on the flat.  We announce a couple of NEW Sponsors that are joining us Florida Fisdhing Products, SunSect Sunscreen and Insect Repellant, and GoPuck power device.  Our Friends over at GoPuck have given us a couple of units to give away to our listeners and followers.  We will be giving the unit away ove the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Bub and Glenn talk about Fly Fishing with Paige joining in at the end of the show.

This weeks episode Bubba and Glenn talk about 'Fly Fishing' with Paige joining the show and chiming in on her 1st couple catches on a Fly.  We had a great call in by Dylan Hubbard from "Hubbards Marina" with a factual Offshore report of Tuna, Hogs, and some nice snapper about 75 miles out.


In last weeks show we discuss some Winter Time tactics and talk about Glenn and Paige's trip with some nice "Reef Donkey's".  We also got a chance to test out some NEW reels by Florida Fishing Products and they were up to the test.

    We had a young angler (Aiden) call in and ask us some questions he wanted answered.  As always 'we love da kids'. We continue to bring you a solid fishing talk show. Enjoy the show and catch us every week on Sunday Morning from 8-9am on station Money Talk 1010am in the Tampa/St.Pete area.


This was a super fun week on FlatsMafia Radio thanks to our guest Paige Coffey.  She stopped in just to hang out and talk shiz with the boys.  Paige is a great fisherman that is self taught.  She is also a firefighter and talks as much trash as we do.  Great hour on radio today... I'm sure we need 2 hours next contract, plus our Facebook Live feeds just looked a whole lot better!  Thanks to our sponsors who make us happen Seamule Fishing Carts and Taylor Warner Kitchens!

This week on FlatsMafia Radio we had the Florida Fantasy Fish Camp Founders in the studio.  Special thanks to Parker Rabow and Capt. Tim Whitfield for coming in.  This is a super great cause "Getting Kids Fishing".  This is a good one to listen to if you have kids.  Get them off the electronics and get them outdoors! They make new friends and learn all about fishing industry by some of the best Captains in Tampa Bay.  If you would like to contact the Fish Camp either call Parker at 813-244-4682 or email him


Look!!! When we suck at fishing, we keep it reel.... and tell you about it.  Thats exactly what we did this weekend at the FishBrain/ITrekkers Fishing Tournament.  We also discuss Glenn's awesome Fly Fishing trip to Georgia.  We also got to meet Roland Martin, not everyday you see a true Fishing Legend walking around. Give our show a try and you will be hooked.

Big Thanks to the people who make this possible - SeaMule Fishing Carts and Berkshire Homes.

 FlatsMafia Radio #2Fangers


This week we discuss how to approach a Tampa Bay Slam.  s always we have fun doing it, but we manage to give a couple pointers in there!  This is a super fun show to do and we are having a blast doing it.  Please dont forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram... Please share as well.  Hope to see you guys at the Fishbrain Fishing tournament this week.  We will for sure let you know how crappy we did on Sunday...

2 Fangers

This was a fun week on week on FlatsMafia Radio, we discussed some good tips on Trout and Redfish.  aannnnd also how to NOT fall off the boat LOL.  We had a great call in by Nick Drangle the Florida Pro Redfish Tour Champion.  Thats what we bring you every week... just REEL Talk.  If you like Fishing and Funny $h!z were your peoples. As always thank you to Seamule Fishing Carts and Taylor Warner Kitchens for the support.

Tightlines and 2 Fangers



Week 4 in the books with FlatsMafia Radio straight outta the SeaMule Studios.  Thanks for checking us out we are having so much fun with this show!  #FlatsMafia



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