FlatsMafia Radio Show

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FlatsMafia Radio Show

We are excited to announce that our radio show will be airing this Sunday morning from 8-9 on station 1010am.  Show hosts are Bubba Betancourt, Glenn Sanchez, James Garrison, and from time to time "CapGun" Jeff Martin!  If you have ever seen any of our videos get ready for the same style on the radio.

We are brought to you by our good friends over at SeaMule Fishing Carts.  We will be going Live on FaceBook from the SeaMule Studios for each show as well.  So if your out of our listening area, you can always catch us on FB.  

We will be talking current fishing hot spots, telling fishing stories, and taking calls in the only way we know how The "FlatsMafia" way.  That means that its going to be a fun and loose show.  If you have ever heard or met us you know that we are serious fisherman but we make having FUN the most important thing.


Get Ready!!!!  1010am on Sunday Mornings