If you see a couple of firemen, some business magnates and a nurse cruising around Tampa Bay with their hair on fire like it’s the funniest thing in the world, get out your autograph books and chase them down. You’ve just witnessed Florida’s newest reality TV stars doing what they do best: having an awesome time.

Bubba Betencourt

NickName – “Trim Tab”

  • The face of FlatsMafia Fishing
  • Full Time fishing guide
  • Radio Host, TV Host, Fun Host
  • Nicknamed “Trim Tab” for obvious reasons and has a personality that draws everyone to him

Fishing Skills:

Makes every trip memorable, even when the fish aren’t cooperating. Shortly after that….. he breaks something

James Garrison

NickName – “Dad”

  • Firefighter
  • OG FlatsMafia Fishing Creator
  • Radio Co-Host, TV Co-Host
  • Nicknamed “Dad” because he acts like a Dad to everybody…. except Abuelo

Fishing Skills:

Pancake maker with a cast net and loves to fall off the boat after a couple cold ones

Jeff Martin

NickName – “Ginja”

  • Business owner
  • TV Co-Host
  • Radio Co-Host, TV Co-Host
  • OG FlatsMafia Fishing Member with a second personality that comes out when he fishes
  • NickNamed “Ginja” because he doesn’t think he’s one

Fishing Skills:

All about the ‘D’ Dive and hold his breath for 10 minutes to get a Lobster Drives a boat better than anybody and always has to stay on top of the waves

Everybody has their tricks of the trade and we highlight ours with wild abandon.


Justin Lofaro

NickName – “BudderScotch”

  • Full Time fishing guide
  • Radio Co-Host, TV Co-Host
  • Radio Host, TV Host, Fun Host
  • Nicknamed “BudderScotch” due to an amazing ability to crush tacos and find places to BlowOut

Fishing Skills:

Has an uncanny talent to find fish in an area he has never been to before

Troy White

NickName – “Abuelo”

  • FireFighter
  • TV Co-Host
  • Brings Experience to the world and stays ready with a One Liner that will crush your dreams
  • Nicknamed “Abuelo” because he rocks the black crew socks

Fishing Skills:

Masterful at finding the Trophy Fish or at least takes credit for the reason someone else hooked it

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