About Us @FlatsMafia

We like to provide fishing gear that is different from all the rest.  Below is a lil something that gives you a bit of detail into our brand.

  • Who are we- We are just 4 fisherman that crush fish
  • Why we sell the items we sell - We want to extend our style and make it available to the rest of the fishing community 
  • Where are we located - We are based out of Tampa Bay Area
  • How long have we been in business - Over 6 years
  • How long have we been running our online shop - Over 6 years
  • Who are the people on our team - James Garrison (The Don), Jeff Martin(The Fishuation), Glen Sanchez (Salt Dog), Ryan Betancourt(Bubba)
  • Contact information - James@FlatsMafia.com 813-433-6467
  • Social links (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)